Your Local Hive was created to educate, celebrate, and champion the good food that sustains us. With its signature events and art-meets-food workshops, film screenings, popup stores of local artisan products and beautifully crafted family style sit-down dinners, Your Local Hive teaches and brings awareness to the larger food issues, while supporting a local food system and artisan production. 

Monthly Your Local Hive dinners host local farmers, edible textile artists, world tea purveyors, radical water conservationists and heirloom rice growers, chefs celebrating their ancestry and veterans transitioning to organic farming and food production.

Your Local Hive believes that the world is broad, aesthetically beautiful and rich with culture. Food is most always at the forefront of all of that. It connects, inspires, teaches us of our past, gives pleasure to our present, and educates of our fragile future.

Come gather with us; take a class in classic pickling and fermentation, donut making and coffee brewing or rye bread baking and local beers. Or attend one of our beautiful signature, salon dinners which celebrate and educate guests of food beyond our plates. Or just pop in at one of our weekly popups, taste some of our mindfully and lovingly chosen farm and artisan crafted products, and support our local economy by taking home a selection to share with family and friends. 

Your Local Hive also consults retailers, restauranteurs and food/lifestyle businesses in strategic branding and business development, local product assortment and sourcing, vendor relations, merchandising and store design.

Our Story

For 12 years, Laurie Dill lived in Paris and worked in design, textiles, special events and as a cookbook writer's assistant. While in Paris she obtained her MBA, but soon after chose life in San Francisco, working as the Director of Product Development for Williams Sonoma. There, Laurie created a beautiful and aesthetic environment that accompanied food including: glassware, linens, flatware, textiles and decorative accessories. She later started her own home textile company, designing and manufacturing in Kerala, in the south of India. But after attending an internship in sustainable agriculture at UC Davis, a new vision and new career began; bringing together local food, sustainability, aesthetics and design. For the last 10 years, she has been consulting small and midsize businesses and organizations, from farmers to food entrepreneurs, restaurants, cafes, boutiques and corner grocery stores, on local product assortment, store layout and design, sourcing of artisan products and merchandising stores and sites, while also leading these companies and organizations in strategic branding and business development. 

Her passion for urban gardens and gardening took her from programs like SLUG (San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners), to an internship in sustainable agriculture at UC Davis, to the UCC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver programs and then, the Executive Board of the Garden School Foundation that manages a teaching garden at the 24th Street Elementary School in the West Adams district of LA.  She continues to teach gardening and food preservation to low income individuals and has assisted in the Corner Store Conversion program sponsored by the LA Food Policy Council where, she led the remerchandising and redesign of corner grocery stores in South East LA, in order to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables, reinvigorate neighborhoods and give alternatives to Big Box store offerings.

For Laurie, everything always seems to lead back to food, to taste, aesthetics, craft and sustainability, while staying connected to the bigger issues, such as social justice, food security, natural resources and long-term sustainability. With Your Local Hive, Laurie has used her eye for design and taste for real and delicious food, to create an assortment of local artisan products that speak of the community and terroir where they are produced.


Teaching a pickling class in Pasadena, 2012.   

Teaching a pickling class in Pasadena, 2012.