Finishing the year with sweetness

In recent weeks we've been buzzing about our newest Local Hiver, NerdHaven Farms. NerdHaven Farms is the quintessential backyard farm in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles. It doubles as a bakery/confectionery/laboratory for cottage food operator and fellow Master Food Preserver, Diane Trunk. You may have sampled her products at a YLH popup, workshop, or event. We thought it was time to officially congratulate her on receiving her cottage food permit. Thanks to the California Homemade Food Act, she was granted her permit last month, and not a moment too soon!

At this urban farm, the family raises chickens, grows lavender, and lovingly tends to their fruit orchard and herb garden. Diane's palette of goodies is as diverse as her urban farm. Using mostly what she finds outside her kitchen door for inspiration, she creates fig and maple vinegars, pear, apple butter, rosemary-thyme mustard, persimmon chocolate breads and cranberry nut cakes, among other things. 

We have been giddy with anticipation for the day when we could bring you NerdHaven Farm specialties. You've heard it before, but we can't stop saying it, we love, love, love her soft Lavender Sea-Salt and Chai Caramels for their delightfully warm flavors, that leave out the corn syrup, and instead use honey from a local beekeeper. Since introducing them at popups, we've had a hard time keeping them on our mobile shelves. Make sure you stop by an event or two and get yourself a beautifully packaged box of caramels to savor with friends and family.

In the new year look for additional divine creations in the YLH assortment from Nerdhaven Farms!