Your Local Hive is proud to support farmers and producers who are working to create a more sustainable economy, and healthy community for all of us, with the products they make. These are farmers improving the soil, by growing organically produced stone fruits for jams and conserves, bee keepers populating hives that are pollinating centuries old avocado trees and wild sage. Our producers are dairy farmers who also create hand crafted crackers adding organic buttermilk to their recipes, a mother-daughter goat farm producing exquisite soaps and moisturizers, a 4th growing family making olive oil for the first time and selling some of the best we’ve tasted! And one of our new favorites: a small farm in Madagascar, organically growing cacao, fermenting it, producing chocolate, designing their packaging and shipping their five varieties from their farm; unheard of in our modern world of coffee and chocolate! 

We love our producers for the work they do in protecting the environment that we love.  But we also love them because they tell a story about the terroir in which they live, and they provide us products that are delicious, beautiful and made with great care.


Allstar Organics

Burkart Farms 

Bread Lounge 

Castleton Cheese & Crackers 

San Marcos Farms

Eatwell Farm 

Enzo Organics Olive Oil

Fat Uncle Farms 

Frog Hollow Farm 

Kaught Up Ketchup 

Lily’s Eggs

Lotus Foods Rice 

Madecasse Chocolate 

Olivos Del Mar Organic Mission Olives/Olive Oil


Clemence Gossett/The Gourmandise School 

Cognoscenti Coffee 

Evan Kleiman 

Ground Operations 

Martian Ranch & Winery 

Peter Fetterman Gallery